Canvas Awnings in Brisbane & Gold Coast

Canvas awnings are great for keeping the summer sun and heat from entering your property. They keep the sun out but allow you to still enjoy the view. They also offer your family and furniture protection, by reducing the amount of sunlight that enters your home. Whether you’d like to offer visitors a stylish welcome, protect your furnishings or add some outdoor space, awnings are a smart way to give your home or workplace personality.

At Sunlite Blinds, we can help you to decide on the perfect solution for your home or office. We supply and install a range of high quality outdoor canvas awnings across Brisbane and Gold Coast, including patio canvas awnings and electric canvas awnings.

Patio Canvas Awnings

Canvas awnings complement windows and doorways on any type of home, office or space giving visitors a stylish welcome. They are also an ideal solution to enclose a deck, patio or outdoor area by keeping the sun and insects away. Patio canvas awnings offer you ways to enjoy your outdoor living areas all year round without having to worry about the harsh weather Queensland is known for.

Electric Canvas Awnings

Motorised canvas awnings are becoming increasingly popular, especially as home automation solutions become more common. Canvas awnings can be motorised using a wall switch or remote control for convenience and ease of operation. Electric canvas awnings are well- suited for large awning systems, inaccessible blinds and any situation where ease of operation is required. You can choose from different size motors and functions, single or multi-blinds remotes with special functions  including sun and wind sensors.

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