Motorised Curtains

The automated range of curtains with exclusive curtain tracks from Sunlite Blinds is the ultimate choice for today’s modern living. Enjoy the ability to have your drapes operated with a touch of a button, eliminating the need for cords, chains or wands, or combined with our latest smart home devices. Our motors come with full smart home integration with app or voice control and are compatible with a large variety of home automation systems. 


Our Convenient Smart Curtains 

Smart curtains are convenient because you will not need to use your hands to pull them aside. You just have to push a button or touch your tablet or phone screen, and the curtains will close and open accordingly. Some people find it hard to reach their windows, and smart curtains are the most effective choice for them. 


We Offer Electric Curtains 

The electric curtains blinds offers to our clients in Southeast Queensland will add security when away from home. For instance, because such motorised window blinds operate automatically throughout the day, any person passing by your home will think that there’s someone inside whether you are at the shops or thousands of miles away. Potential thieves will be deterred from attempting to enter as a result. 


Our Elegant Automatic Curtain Openers 

Our automatic curtain openers are of the highest quality. They are elegant and tasteful, and you can find various styles and colours available, depending on your needs and preferences. Thus, such beautiful and practical electric openers will substantially increase the value of your property. Another reason for that is the growing trend in automatic curtain opener installation. 


Motorised Curtain Tracks 

Hard to reach or heavy curtains can be accessed and operated easily with motorised curtain tracks. The latter will minimise the damage caused to curtains by manual operation. Moreover, such electric tracks allow you to filter natural light precisely, simply by touching a button. 


Ask about our motorised and smart curtains at Sunlite Blinds! Call us on 0493 492 672 . 

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